What's Your Medicine?



Hi! I’m Carlotta Mastrojanni and I support women to reconnect to their true nature, bringing together modern and ancestral wisdom on sexuality, empowerment and birth.

Our nature is to be as vibrant and alive as Mother Earth. Just like her we contain all of the elements, we have orgasmic life force running through us from which we create, and we are capable of deep transformation through inner alchemy.

Our inner alchemy is ignited by the most powerful element of them all, fire.


This fire is our orgasmic life force, our sexual essence, and it contains the blueprint of our Soul. It shows us who we really are, and the medicine we bring to this world.

It is the key to embodied feminine awakening and creation.


Are you ready to reignite your fire?



Through a system of healing I have developed called Love Alchemy, I will guide you to find and nourish the pulse in your womb, to unlock the most joyous and authentic version of yourself. This pulse is a concentrated nucleus of living, fertile, vibrant aliveness and sensual power, which once released, floods your whole system with nourishment. When the womb space is clear, it is possible to reclaim your health, your boundaries, your magnetism and your ability to Create.


You will find that in getting to know your womb, you will get to know your own particular wild magic and unique medicine. You may reclaim your natural powers of sensing and feeling, and reconnect with the orgasmic rhythm of life that flows through you and all of nature.


In harnessing this inner essence, you become your own healer. From this place of being whole, you can heal others simply by being you and the power of creation will be at your fingertips.


“Your creation song is pulsing in your womb.
It is your own unique medicine.”



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