About The Modern Medicine Woman

I believe that we all have within us the power to love deeply and to heal. At the root of that power is an ancient practice that has been kept secret until recently: Inner Alchemy. It has long been used by ancient civilizations as a tool for transformation and elevation of consciousness.

Learning how to navigate the elements of your inner Alchemy is essential to understanding your true authentic nature and can bring you vitality and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams. Your relationships become a key to opening your deepest, darkest most tender unlocked parts to find unprecedented connection and intimacy on the other side. You eventually watch your fears alchemize into desires that turn into reality, and are left with nothing but your true unadulterated essence, ready to accomplish your purpose in life.

All of this is achieved simply through the power of your chi, your Kundalini, your Orgasm, and a capacity to surrender to the elements of nature that live inside of you.

The Modern Medicine Woman is born of over 10 years experience studying and teaching all over the world: Kundalini Yoga with Amrit Nam Sarovar, Orgasmic Meditation with OneTaste, Earth Energy Healing with Earth School as well as many other communities and tribes I have had the honor to film and live with over the years. My mission is to awaken your truth using ancient esoteric teachings in a way that feels nourishing and accessible.

My desire is to live in a world where we are all free to embody our truth untethered by programming and conditioning, where we have no choice but to live authentically in every moment, because that is a better world for everyone.

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