Womb Readings



1-hour Session
Online or in Ojai, CA

Womb Readings are channeled sessions where I tune into your womb and journey with you into this deeply feminine shamanic space.

They are an opportunity to realign with your original Soul Blueprint and heal the feminine lines of wounding that may be hindering your growth and power to Create.

Through the use of spirit communication, energy healing, sound and ritual, I support you to energetically heal your womb space and rebalance the elemental forces present in the body, so that you may live in joy and abundance.

The technique that I use, a form of spiritual and emotional alchemy called Love Alchemy, assists you in transforming any areas where you feel stuck and where you are ready to heal.

By looking at the parts of yourself that may still be fragmenting your soul, and bringing love to them, you can reconnect to the feminine principals of abundance and creation, thus returning to wholeness.

Womb Readings may be for you if you have a history of sexual abuse, miscarriage, abortion, trauma during child-birth, postpartum depression, infertility or irregular menstrual cycle. They are also for you if you wish to consciously birth a child or a new project.

As you begin to come home to yourself, you will find within you a source of stability, renewed connection in relationships, a greater resonance with Mother Nature…and the magnetism you need to Create.



“All the places where you feel stuck, disconnected, hurt or out of balance, are all energetically held in the womb. A healthy womb space can bring you peace, nourishment, power, intuition, freedom of expression, fertility and connection.

“It takes courage to go into the shadow and the chaos, and yet here is where your vast potential for growth lies, by alchemizing these parts of yourself into wholeness. This is why containers work for womb healing. The more you are held, the deeper you will be able to heal.”

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* You need support within a particular cycle or transition in your life
* You have lost your creative flow
* You desire more connection and intimacy in relationships
* You would like support communicating with the soul of your child
* You want to prepare for birth
* You need support postpartum
* You need guidance with setting boundaries
* You want to access ancestral healing or healing of the mother wound
* You want to discover your most authentic voice
* You want to heal from birth trauma
* You have had surgery or health issues around your womb and sacral area


* Womb clearing
* Activation of your creative life force
* Learning how to expand your pleasure body
* Heart activation
* Attunement of your energy field
* Alignment with Earth energy
* Access to your bigger vision, your essence
* Release of blocks keeping you from creating
* Practical tools to integrate the healing into your everyday life


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Sessions online or in Ojai, CA



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