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kathryn daviesCarlotta exudes a beautiful balance of compassion, grace and penetrative insight. I always feel held, heard and seen during our sessions. Whatever problem or issue I present, she integrates, dismantles and shines back to me with new, higher perspective, surrounded by love and wisdom.
– Kathryn Davis (London, UK)


vaishnavi brasseyCarlotta is a warrior of the most womanly kind! Her unflinching focus is embraced with deep tenderness; her gentle insistence on truth is founded on wildly courageous self-exploration. A woman who walks her talk, who has tested the very edges of her being and knows the territory. What better guide could I ask for?
-Vaishnavi Brassey (Kerala, India)


julia moraCarlotta brings a presence that is both soft and deep. Using her gentle demeanor, and exquisite attention, she was able to help me unearth my most buried blocks. Spanning a vast background of traditions, she has the most gentle, penetrating wisdom and healing I have ever experienced.
-Julia Mora (Los Angeles, CA)


tara schlenerCarlotta’s work is extraordinary. She helped me to break through old patterns in order to achieve my goals in both work and love. Her technique is powerful and enables her to get to the core of the issues to be healed. She is also extremely intuitive which helps speed the process of inner healing and awakening. I highly recommend working with her if you are ready for big shifts in your life.
-Tara Schlener (Santa Barbara, CA)



Reviews of The Modern Medicine Woman: A Path to Wholeness
Written by: Carlotta Mastrojanni
Illustrated by: Daren Thomas Magee


Editorial Review

“Find your way back to the Divine feminine living within…that deliciously sacred spark that resides in the womb space, where we can birth in the new, and experience unrivaled pleasure both within and without. Carlotta guides the reader through her book so gracefully, taking one to a new level of life, knowing, wisdom, and Light.”
-Keidi Keating | Author of The Light book series


Advance Praise

“Genuine, authentic and beautifully written. The transformation begins as you start to read. Even before you begin to engage in the exercises, this book takes you home. There is Joy coming through and that joy is contagious. When she writes: ‘It is so blissful to be yourself that you would never want to be anyone else,’ you truly believe it.”
Perla Aviram | Mama of two, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Kundalini Yoga Instructor​


“Captivating, informative, deeply nourishing and inspiring. A cohesive step by step to orgasmic awakening that all women can benefit, grow and blossom from. An activating must read for the Modern Medicine Woman.”
-Chloe Isadora | Shamanic Womb Healer


“Through sweet grace, I feel eternally grateful to have found Carlotta’s work, which is beautifully captured within the pages of this book. My heart and womb felt so nourished and loved within the container of remembrance this book creates. The pages are filled with Carlotta’s radiance and deep love and devotion for the sacred feminine. Thank you for seeing us and supporting us to remember our wholeness. Please, please, please pass this book on to your sisters, so they can remember too.”
-Kirsty Maher | Healer and Women’s Empowerment Coach


The Modern Medicine Woman: A Path to Wholeness is both simple and profound; easy-to-read yet rich in the quality of content. Every woman who finds this book on their path should say YES to reading it. A perfect introduction for women who are just beginning the process of remembering these truths, and a beautiful reminder for women who are walking the path of the Medicine Woman already.”
-Kristen Appenrodt, MA | Shamanic Sensuality Coach




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